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Emilia Lujan



Emilia Lujan is a passionate advocate for the expansion of human health and consciousness. For nearly a decade, she has invested countless hours in learning about the best methods for self-actualization. Thus, Emilia uses her background in Public Relations, Advertising, and Media Production to impact thousands of people online and at live events.

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Emilia's Story

Emilia Lujan has spent her life studying a plethora of proven methods to impact and shift consumer culture through a multimedia approach. After graduating Summa Cum Laude with a BA in Public Relations & Advertising from Lynn University, she was saddened to see how these powerful, influential tools were used to manipulate consumers into purchasing products that deteriorate their well-being. Feeling concerned about her career, she decided to expand her global understanding of culture and moved to Montreux, Switzerland, to study etiquette, protocol, and the French language. Emilia is fluent in Spanish and English and conversational in French. After achieving a global perspective, Emilia later moved to New York City to expand her awareness of how media can positively impact the masses.


She then completed her MA in Media Production from The New School and once again received a Summa Cum Laude award for stellar academic achievement. Emilia then applied her methods to her non-profit organization, MindBody Expo, and was successful in almost tripling the attendance of the event to over 4,000 attendees. Subsequently, Emilia promised herself only to use her powerful and unique skill set for brands that truly impact humanity in a positive way.

As part of her path, Emilia also studies various modalities such as reiki, sound healing, psych-k, bodywork, and more so that she can use her knowledge in these methods to choose the best practitioners and facilitators to bring to her transformative and immersive events. 



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