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Let Us Be Your Web Master

We will strategically develop a website with the best layout and copy that thoroughly reflects what you do an authentically communicates your brand voice.

For that past 4 years we have helped clients develop their brand identity from scratch and have helped other clients revamp their brand identity. Here are just a few examples;

Aftercare Decoded - Substance Abuse & Mental Health

"MindfulBody Productions has helped me above and beyond what I could have ever imagined when it came to creating and maintaining my website. They have taken my idea and understood the concept and created a wonderful website that was faster than I could have ever expected. The quality and precise accuracy when it came to executing our timeline and understanding how strategically to get our name and brand out there, MBP has allowed us to not only maintain the customers we already have but also have been able to get new customers. We are now getting more hits per day on our website and more traffic through the internet that I could have imagined. I was old school and a believer of word of mouth, but MBP has helped me understand that without an internet presence you wont have any presence." - Paul Lawler, Founder of Aftercare Decoded

Apothecarri by Carri Bindi - Healer & Wellness Consultant

"Working with MindfulBody Productions has been an absolute dream. Emilia listens very deeply and is miraculously able to take to my scattered thoughts and organize the vision of what I want to create. She takes all the stress out of making a successful Internet presence and makes the process enjoyable and fun. Her follow-through is surprisingly organized, quick and accurate, giving care to the details and refining any corrections I give her with ease and grace. I'm so thankful for her knowledgeable and reliable partnership in this business endeavor!" - Carri Bindi, Owner of Apothecarri

Anasuya LLC - Professional Doula & Child Birth Educator

"I already had a website, that was not my initial goal. The challenge for me was to use a language that better described what I do to prospective clients. Emilia did just that! She really listened to my vision and had the ability to redefine my job description in a language that is public accessible and intelligible. This is to be a great writer! Having contracted Emilia definitely improved my virtual image. Her design style is classy and direct to the point, without modifying my company’s characteristics. Emilia is highly competent, creative, patient, witty, and fast! It isn’t a secret that your company’s digital image must correspond with the quality of your product and services. If you are proud of it, I highly recommend Emilia’s services to match it." - Anasuya French, Doula & Childbirth Educator

Inspire Hire LLC - Job Recruiting

"Working with MindfulBody Productions has been by far the best experience. They took the lead on everything and were always on top of completing things on the agreed upon timeline. It was a very hands off process for me which was great because I'm too busy to try to make my own website. They implemented everything from the copy, layout, and design of the website. I highly recommend them. They will provide fast and accurate results." - Omar Avis, Co-Founder of Inspire Hire LLC

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